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Training Resource Hub

We’ve developed a Training Resource Hub, collating all our training materials into one easy-to-use site. The Hub is organised into ten themes relevant to freedom of expression online. Resources can be filtered by region, theme, or resource type, with some materials available in French, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese.


Digital Rights Advocates Project

Our Digital Rights Advocates Project aims to strengthen the capacity of lawyers in East, West and Southern Africa. It does this through facilitating litigation surgeries, bringing together local lawyers to develop their skills and share their experiences in litigating cases related to freedom of expression online. As part of this project, we have also developed training materials on digital rights which form the basis of our introductory and advanced litigation surgeries. 

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[NOW CLOSED] Call for Consultants: Independent Evaluation of ‘Empowering Women in Digital Rights Advocacy’ project

The consultancy We are looking to engage an experienced evaluation consultant to carry out an interim and final evaluation of one of our projects. The project, called Empowering Women in Digital Rights Advocacy (EWDRA), is based in sub-Saharan Africa and began late last year. In addition, the consultant will conduct independent research with an intersectional…

[NOW CLOSED] Call for Consultants: Update of Content for Resource Hub on Digital Rights

The Consultancy We are looking to hire a consultant to review and update the existing Resource Hub content. The Resource Hub covers digital rights and freedom of expression online for practicing lawyers in East, West and Southern Africa. Background The Resource Hub is structured as an entry point to all of Media Defence’s training materials…

[NOW CLOSED] Call for Applications: East Africa Women Litigation Surgery

23 to 25 August 2022, Nairobi, Kenya Media Defence is calling for applications from women lawyers based in Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda to participate in a forthcoming litigation surgery on the right to freedom of expression and digital rights, with particular focus on online violence against journalists. This litigation surgery will be…

[NOW CLOSED] Call for Consultants: Modules on Online Violence Against Journalists

Purpose of the consultancy contract The purpose of the consultancy contract is to draft three modules looking at online violence against journalists, in particular women journalists. Background Media Defence’s vision is a world where journalists no longer face legal challenges that threaten their ability to report freely and independently on issues of public interest, allowing…

[NOW CLOSED] Convocatoria: Seminario de litigio en libertad de expresión para América Latina

28 a 30 de junio 2022, Antigua, Guatemala   Media Defence abre convocatoria para la participación de abogados y abogadas que trabajen en América Latina en su seminario de litigio en libertad de expresión. El seminario tendrá lugar en Antigua, Guatemala, entre 28 y 30 de junio 2022. Las personas que participen en el seminario…

[NOW CLOSED] Call for Consultants: Training Materials on Freedom of Expression in South and South East Asia

We are looking for a consultant to develop a set of summary modules on freedom of expression in South and South East Asia for use in our litigation surgeries. One of our core activities is the delivery of litigation surgeries to increase the knowledge, skills and confidence of lawyers to litigate freedom of expression cases…