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How to Apply

Usually, applications are made by the lawyer handling the case but they can also be made by the journalist, the family or friends of the journalist or a relevant support organisation. If you have not yet found a lawyer, please contact us first and we may be able to put you in touch with lawyers we have worked with previously.

In order to apply for support, please:

  • provide copies of the main legal documents relating to the case (if any)
  • provide a budget breakdown (we will only cover costs directly related to the case)
  • provide a link to or copy of the relevant article/s or post/s associated with the case

We are currently undergoing an update to our application system. Please email and briefly outlining the facts of your case. Information on the further steps involved in processing your application for support will be provided.

Emergency Legal Support

We’ve helped hundreds of journalists, citizen journalist and media outlets report freely. 73% of the cases we supported had a successful or partially successful outcome.

Emergency Defence