Renowned Colombian Investigative Journalist, María Teresa Ronderos, Becomes Chair of Media Defence’s Board

Renowned Colombian Investigative Journalist, María Teresa Ronderos, Becomes Chair of Media Defence’s Board



Renowned Colombian Investigative Journalist, María Teresa Ronderos, Becomes Chair of Media Defence’s Board.

Media Defence is proud to announce that María Teresa Ronderos has taken over as Chair of the Board as of 4th March 2024. She became a trustee in April 2021 and has spent the last three years supporting the work of Media Defence.

María Teresa began working as a journalist in Buenos Aires in 1983 and since then has had a successful and vibrant career. She has worked tirelessly to highlight the difficulties faced by journalists as well as reporting on issues in Colombia. Alongside her journalism work, she has published several books and worked with UNICEF to create educational resources. Most recently she co-founded and works as director for the Centre for Latin American Investigative Reporting (CLIP). María Teresa’s work has been recognised with two Simón Bolívar national awards in Colombia, in 2014 and 2021 as well as the Maria Moors Cabot award in 2007 and the Ortega & Gasset award in 2019. When discussing the important work done by Media Defence, she commented, “I have dedicated most of my life to freedom of expression, investigative journalism and the defence of free media and I am excited to be at the heart of an organisation that is supporting this”.

María Teresa’s previous experience means she understands first-hand the challenges and threats faced by journalists. Whilst working on the injustices occurring in Columbia, she dealt with issues of political unrest, media censorship and witnessed colleagues being forced into exile and killed. María Teresa remains determined to ensure that journalists can continue their work without fear of persecution or censorship. Whilst discussing her own career she stated that the ability for journalists to get information to people who use it to fight for their own rights and lead society where they think it should go is at the forefront of her motivation. This prior experience will allow her to bring a unique perspective to her role as Head of the Board.

María Teresa commented on her aims for the future, “I hope that together with David Jones, as Vice Chair, we will be able to continue to strengthen the amazing work of Media Defence at the service of freedom of expression which is currently under heavy fire”. Media Defence is looking forward to continuing its work of providing legal help to journalists across the world, with María Teresa Ronderos as Chair of the Board.

To learn more about María Teresa’s important work and her passion for Freedom of Expression, watch our previous interview during her time as a trustee. 

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