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Manual on European Defamation Law

Find here a comprehensive reference and training manual for lawyers and journalists on European legal standards related to freedom of expression and the protection of reputation. “Freedom of Expression, Media Law and Defamation,” summarises key principles of European jurisprudence on defamation

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MLDI manual on freedom of expression law

The MLDI manual on international and comparative media and freedom of expression law consists of a 136-page guide to international and comparative freedom of expression law, introducing topics ranging from defamation to national security restrictions on free speech, accompanied by a set of powerpoint slides for use by trainers.

The manual can also be used as a stand-alone overview guide to standards on media and freedom of expression law.

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MLDI manual on litigating freedom of expression cases in East Africa

This manual is designed to assist lawyers representing journalists and bloggers at the regional level in East Africa. It therefore concentrates on setting out the processes and procedures for filing and arguing human rights cases before the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights and the East African Court of Justice.

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Training Manual on Litigation and Freedom of Expression in West Africa

To help equip lawyers to promote freedom of expression we are sharing our West Africa Regional Mechanisms Training Manual which provides tools and advice on litigating in defence of freedom of expression in West Africa.