Partnership with Propuesta Cívica: defending journalists at risk in Mexico

Partnership with Propuesta Cívica: defending journalists at risk in Mexico

We are proud to partner with the human rights and freedom of expression organisation, Propuesta Cívica, in Mexico.

Year after year, Mexico remains one of the world’s most dangerous and deadly countries for journalists. According to Propuesta Cívica’s records, 168 journalists have been killed in Mexico since 2006 and 30 have gone missing since 2003.

Through this partnership we aim to support the organisation’s vital legal work defending journalists at risk.

‘Too many journalists in Mexico have been sued, harassed, threatened or killed for their brave work over the years. Propuesta Cívica was set up to challenge impunity and defend the critical voices doing public interest work. They stand out for their commitment and high-quality legal work. We are proud to support Propuesta Cívica’s efforts!’

– Media Defence CEO, Carlos Gaio

The ground-breaking work of Propuesta Cívica

Founded in 2011, the organisation’s mission is to safeguard human rights and freedom of expression within Mexico. They achieve this through their comprehensive support for human rights defenders and journalists facing threats due to their work. Additionally, they engage in advocacy for public policies and applied research on human rights issues.

In a decade of struggle, change, and hope, Propuesta Cívica has established itself as a leading organisation in the defence of human rights and press freedom. It is one of few organisations in Mexico that provides legal support and representation (at no cost) to journalists and human rights defenders.

“We envision a country where freedom of expression is complete, where reporting doesn’t cost journalists their lives, and where human rights defenders can carry out their work safely.”

Propuesta Cívica

Creating Sustainable change: Media Defence Funding for Local Legal Defence Centres across the world

Media Defence established this partnership as part of our funded partner programme. Established in 2009 the programme funds local legal centres worldwide that focus on the defence of journalists. We believe building partnerships with local media defence centres is vital. These partnerships facilitate culturally sensitive and sustainable protection for journalists facing legal threats.

In 2023 we awarded more than £400,000 in grants to partner organisations to run media defence centres.

Find out more about our partners or apply to be a funded partner here.

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