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Coalition Against Online Violence

Media Defence has joined forces with the Coalition Against Online Violence to combat online violence against journalists. The Coalition offers support, bolsters journalists’ digital security and empowers media to keep their employees safe.

Featured Cases

Claudia Duque: Fighting State Surveillance in Colombia

“I ask myself every day whether I'm able to continue with all of this. But I have never doubted that this is my profession and what I want to do.” Claudia Duque, interviewed by Nicolas Guzman 2019 for The courageous and passionate Claudia Duque is an award-winning Colombian journalist who, along with her daughter,…

Fatu Camara: A Gambian trailblazer

Journalist Impact: Interview with Fatu Camara Fatou Camara (otherwise known as Fatu) is an impressive journalist. Working under a dictator, she established Gambia’s first talk show, which quickly became the most watched show in the country. In 2013, she was detained by the Gambian Security Agency. Following her release, she fled to Senegal and has…

Gulnara Mehdiyeva: Championing LGBTI and Women’s Rights in Azerbaijan

Media Defence has filed an application to the European Court on behalf of Gulnara Mehdiyeva. To read the blog summarising the case, click here. The Azeri campaign against journalists The context in which Gulnara Mehdiyeva works is a difficult one. Azerbaijan is one of the most restrictive environments for freedom of expression in the world.…