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Radio Aukan: Defending Community Radio in Chile

Radio Aukan: Defending Community Radio in Chile


Chile’s broadcasting laws criminalise broadcasting without a licence.

Radio Aukan is a community radio station in Chile which reports on indigenous rights, the environment and other topics. It has been unable to get a broadcasting licence for six years. Radio Aukan’s equipment has been seized and a member of staff faces up to three years in prison. Media Legal Defence Initiative (MLDI) has been working with Defensoría Popular to challenge the constitutionality of these charges.

In this short film Javier García and Gustavo Alfonsi, lawyers from Defensoría Popular, and Francisco Orellana from Radio Aukan talk about their legal challenge and the implications for freedom of expression.

Recent Case Studies

Citizen Journalist Elena Popa

In many respects, Elena Popa is a typical Romanian domestic carer working in Austria.


Press Freedom in Azerbaijan: ECtHR Delivers Judgment in the Case of Khadija Ismayilova

The European Court of Human Rights has delivered its judgment today in the case of award-winning investigative journalist Khadija Ismayilova. The Court held that Azerbaijan had arbitrarily detained Khadija, in order to prevent her working as a journalist, and had violated her right to the presumption of innocence, when it arrested her on trumped up charges in December 2014 and held her in pre-trial detention until May 2016.


Malaysiakini: Supporting Independent News in Malaysia

"We were able to mount a successful challenge in the end that also created a bit of legal history in Malaysia because it established a right to a free press as a constitutional right."