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Pakistan High Court orders YouTube unblocked

Posted on: 
14 May 2014

Twenty months after YouTube was blocked by the Pakistani government, the High Court of Lahore held yesterday that YouTube should be unblocked in Pakistan.

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My story: Shahzad Ahmad, Bytes for All

10 Oct 2013

Shahzad Ahmad is Director of Bytes for All, a human rights organisation that campaigns against internet censorship in Pakistan. MLDI is supporting Bytes for All on a case it has brought to the courts claiming that the banning of You Tube is against the Pakistan constitution. Here Shahzad gives us more background on the case. We will feature further updates as the case progresses.

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A win – sort of

Posted on: 
15 May 2014

Yasser Latif Hamdani - The Supreme Court’s interim order dated 17.9.2012 ordering the blocking of the offensive video “Innocence of Muslims” on the internet is one of the strangest orders, even for an activist Supreme Court that Chaudhry Iftikhar’s Court was.

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