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Hivos Renews Grant to Media Defence

Hivos Renews Grant to Media Defence

Media Defence is delighted to announce that we have been awarded a grant by Hivos. As part of the Digital Defenders Partnership, Hivos is supporting us with a €90,000 funding for 2021.

The Digital Defenders Partnership (DDP) was initiated in 2012 by the Freedom Online Coalition and is managed by Hivos. It takes a rights-based approach, focusing on core principles such as human rights and internet freedom, inclusivity and diversity, trust and confidentially, do-no-harm and mentorship and partnership. DDP’s mission is to provide a holistic response to digital threats and create resilient and sustainable networks of support to human rights defenders.

“We are thrilled to receive this funding from the DDP programme, and to continue our partnership with Hivos. This past year has really emphasised the importance of reliable, independent media, especially online, and the increasing threats that these media face. This grant will enable us to expand and deepen our support, defending more journalists around the world. We are very grateful to HIVOS for their commitment to our work in protecting freedom of expression.” Alinda Vermeer, acting CEO at Media Defence.

Hivos says: “DDP is committed to taking a holistic approach to protecting civil society in the context of threats to human rights and internet freedom. In addition to the direct emergency support and accompaniment in the face of digital violence, it is vital that they have access to legal support and expertise when confronted with criminalisation or laws which pose a threat to their freedom of expression or digital rights. In this regard we are delighted to continue our partnership with Media Defence.”


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