Lawyer Impact Survey 2022

Lawyer Impact Survey 2022

About the survey

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In 2022, we carried out our third Lawyer Impact Survey to assess the impact of our support to lawyers. We support lawyers with both our emergency defence and our strategic litigation programmes. Through these programmes, we offer pro bono legal support, as well as financial support for lawyers in order to cover their legal fees. We tailor our legal support to the needs of the lawyers we work with. Therefore, we support lawyers in various ways. For instance, we carry out legal research, give advice on legal strategy, or support with legal drafting.

The purpose of this survey is to help us improve the level of support we offer to lawyers and, in turn, contribute to enhancing freedom of expression globally.

We sent this survey with all lawyers who represented journalists in cases that closed in 2022. The 86 emergency and strategic cases that closed in 2022 were supported by 42 different lawyers. We received a total of 22 responses.

Key findings

Key findings include:

  • 100% of respondents recognised that Media Defence added value to their case;
  • 95% of respondents would recommend our legal support to other lawyers;
  • 91% of respondents were satisfied or extremely satisfied with the quality of legal support; and
  • 95% of respondents felt more confident in their skills and ability in litigating freedom of expression cases.


The 2022 Lawyer Impact Survey shows that Media Defence continues to add value in all of its cases. Moreover, Media Defence has positively impacted the lawyers’ work moving forward by helping with case strategies and adding an international perspectives to cases.

To read the survey, please click here.