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Microsite Celebrates 10 Years of Media Defence

Microsite Celebrates 10 Years of Media Defence

In 2018 Media Defence turned ten years old. Along with our 2018 annual report, we’re taking a moment to look back on some of the journalists and outlets we’ve supported, speaking to the lawyers we’ve trained, and looking back at some of the cases and milestones we’ve achieved.

Our microsite looks back at our history with statistics, interactive timelines, case studies, and more.

10 years of Media Legal Defence Initiative



This microsite is launching in conjunction with our 2018 annual report: Ten Years of Media Legal Defence Initiative.

Recent News

Freedom of expression in Poland: legal harassment against journalists and widening political control over the media

Welcome to the latest instalment of our Partners blog series. In this series, we interview our partners from around the world about their critical work in protecting freedom of expression. This time our communications assistant Julie Reintjes spoke to Konrad Siemaszko, who works as a lawyer for the Poland-based Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (HFHR). […]


Call for Consultants: Independent Evaluation of ‘Empowering Women in Digital Rights Advocacy’ project

The consultancy We are looking to engage an experienced evaluation consultant to carry out an interim and final evaluation of one of our projects. The project, called Empowering Women in Digital Rights Advocacy (EWDRA), is based in sub-Saharan Africa and began late last year. In addition, the consultant will conduct independent research with an intersectional […]


Spying in the digital age: The use of spyware against journalists

Spyware and freedom of expression Encryption is a valuable tool for freedom of expression online. It allows journalists, lawyers, human rights activists, and citizens to communicate securely. In recent years however, journalists around the world have experienced increasing digital surveillance, despite encryption becoming more accessible. In particular, investigative journalists uncovering corruption, abuse of power, and […]