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Journalist Impact Survey 2018

“Without MLDI, I think I would have been found guilty and maybe today I would not be a journalist”

Journalist Impact Survey 2018

Recently, we carried out an survey with the journalists we supported in 2017 through our emergency defence fund and through our partner funded defence projects.

The survey found that the support by MLDI and its partners enabled over 90% of those who were the target of litigation, to continue their work as journalists. “Since my case, I have focused more on human rights issues, so I would say that they failed in silencing me, quite to the contrary, they have provoked me to extend my interest to a whole new set of topics,” said one journalist. Another journalist stated that without the support by MLDI, “I think I would have been found guilty and maybe today I would do something else and not a journalist.”

Some key findings include:

  • 98% said they would recommend the support received to a journalist in a similar situation
  • 100% were either extremely satisfied or satisfied with the lawyer that handled their case
  • 85% were either extremely satisfied or satisfied with the outcome of their case
  • Many felt that their case had a positive impact by increasing public support of/respect for journalism; setting legal precedent; increased protection standards for the media; fewer attacks on journalists; and encouraging other journalists to seek justice


We were also interested in the how the case might affect their journalism and ability to report. We found that:

  • 62% said they made no changes to their journalistic practice
  • 16% said they are now more diligent in their reporting e.g. fact checking
  • 10% felt more emboldened and committed to their journalism or that it has enabled them to do more investigative journalism


Download the full report now to find out more.


PDF icon Journalist Impact Survey 2018 – External.pdf