Impact Survey Findings

“I can’t imagine how desperate my situation would have seemed without MLDI. Having impartial support through unfamiliar criminal proceedings was invaluable”.


An MLDI supported Journalist, United Arab Emirates

Impact Survey Findings

MLDI conducted an impact survey in August 2017 to better understand the impact it has on the journalists, media outlets and bloggers that it supports.

The survey explores:

  • The journalists’ satisfaction with the outcome of their case
  • The journalists’ satisfaction with the quality of their defence
  • The journalists’ reasons for seeking support from MLDI
  • The journalists’ satisfaction with the support received from MLDI
  • The impact of MLDI’s support
  • Other factors or organisations which may have had an impact on the case and the supported journalists’ ability to publish
  • Areas for improvement for MLDI


Read the full report to find out more.


PDF icon MLDI Journalist Impact Survey Report.pdf