2017 Annual Report

2017 saw independent media come under a sustained attack around the world. In 2017 we supported more new cases, took on more strategic litigation and funded more national media defence centres than ever before. We also began preparations for our biggest lawyer training programme to date, aiming to train 72 lawyers on digital rights and freedom of expression online over two years.  In total, our work reached 52 countries.

2017 Annual Report

In our annual report you can read about:

  • Our cases challenging internet shutdowns in Cameroon and Uganda
  • A Brazilian media outlet that has had over 11 cases launched against them following their reporting on local corruption
  • Our partner, The Foundation for Press Freedom, Colombia and how they are defending freedom of expression in Colombia
  • Our petitions to the UN working group on Arbitrary Detention concerning the detention of journalists and activists in Vietnam
  • The results of our training projects in the Gambia to equip lawyers and advocates with the tools to defend journalists, media outlets and bloggers
  • Our case with the Media Development Centre of Macedonia, in which the European Court found that removal of journalists from parliament violated press freedom
  • The case of journalist Tufik Softic (subject of attempted murder) and how the Montenegrin Constitutional Court awarded him compensation for the first time in history for the moral harm caused by a violation of human rights
  • And much more….


Download the full report now.

We are extremely grateful to all of our supporters, donors and partners that have made our work possible.


PDF icon MLDI Annual Report 2017.pdf