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    Module 7: Cybercrimes

    Although the rise of cybercrimes must be addressed, the growing trend of using cybercrimes legislation to clamp down on dissent and free speech is deeply concerning.  While the internet is a rapidly evolving space, legislation can and should be designed to include specific protections against online harms both at an individual level, such as cyberstalking, and at a societal level, such as regulating the flow and use of personal data.  In doing so, there is a need for countries in Asia to ensure that any initiatives are compliant with international human rights standards, including not unjustifiably restricting freedom of expression and privacy rights.  Social media companies also have a role to play in ensuring that their platforms are not used for the distribution of illegal and harmful content.  In addition, governments, internet companies and civil society have a role to play in increasing digital literacy, in particular knowledge of available means to enhance the security of online communications.