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Reporting on Issues of Corruption in Nigeria

26 Jun 2014

Omoyele Sowore set up Sahara Reporters in 2006 to report on issues of corruption. He has been subjected to numerous verbal and written attacks and three different legal cases. MLDI has supported him in each of these cases by providing him with pro bono legal support. In the most recent a Nigerian lawyer, who had been instructed by the Nigerian Government to pursue Sowore, has himself been exposed as corrupt and in May was sentenced to six years in prison.

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A Texas nexus

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1 Jun 2010

Sowore Omoyele runs a website called Sahara Reporters , reporting on news and current affairs in Nigeria. In May 2008 he reported allegations that the Attorney-General had received a bribe of US$10 million to settle a lawsuit against the pharmaceutical firm Pfizer and that the bribe had been channeled through his brother, Paul Orhii, who was living in Texas. In response, Mr Orhii (who has since been appointed Director-General of the Nigerian Food and Drug Administration) launched a US$25 million defamation suit in Texas against Omoyele. Having been...

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