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Cases Supported Report Form

Additional form required for media legal support centres to report to MLDI on cases undertaken.

Please find the guidelines to fill in the form here.

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Cases supported report form - Guidelines

In this document media legal defence centres will find the guidelines to fill in the Cases Supported Report Form to report on cases handled.

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MLDI Criteria for legal defence block grants

Current criteria for the awarding grants to/for Media Legal Defence Centres

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Application and Report Guidelines – Individual Support

In this document, you will find the following information:

Online Application Guidelines

  • Contractual Online Report Guidelines

  • Interim Online Report Guidelines

  • Final Online Report Guidelines 

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Bank Details Form

Bank information required in order for MLDI to pay you your grant.

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Organisation Budget Template

Template required for applications for support the media legal defence centres and/or capacity building & training.

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Human Rights Defenders Mechanisms

The creation of a single website gathering all relevant public information on the activities of the different human rights defenders’ protection mandate-holders aims at increasing the visibility of the documentation produced by the mechanisms – press releases, studies, reports, statements, etc., as well as of their actions (country visits, institutional events, trials observed).

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Publicly available international legal resources

PowerPoint presentation on how to use publicly available international legal resources

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General Grant Terms, Conditions and Understandings

In addition to the specific terms and conditions in the grant award letter, MLDI grant awards are also contingent upon these additional terms.