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Freedom of expression

An overview of the multi-faceted right to freedom of expression and how it is protected under international law.

Digital rights

Understanding digital rights is crucial to protecting human rights, as little of our lives today is immune from the forces of technology and the internet.

Restricting Internet access & online content

An overview of the ways in which access to the internet and online content are restricted around the world.

Defamation & reputation

An overview of freedom of expression issues in the law, including how defamation is treated in domestic and international law.

Privacy, security & data protection

An overview of the right to privacy, data protection, and protecting freedom of expression in a digital world.


Describes the different types of cybercrimes, tracks the trends, and evaluates how cybercrimes are dealt with in international law.

Hate speech

An overview of hate speech and how it is dealt with both under domestic and international law.

Censorship by private actors

An overview of the ways in which access to content and freedom of expression online are restricted by private actors.

False news, misinformation & propaganda

An overview of false news, misinformation and propaganda, including causes and potential solutions..

Litigating freedom of expression

An overview of the various rights and concepts which encompass digital rights.

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The Case of Communications Suspension and Internet Shutdown During the 2011 Egyptian Revolution (2018)

The Egyptian Supreme Administrative Court overturned the decision of the first instance administrative court to levy a fine for the imposition of a complete suspension of mobile services and a blanket shutdown of internet services in Egypt in 2011.

record_voice_over Freedom of expression · phonelink_lock Digital rights · portable_wifi_off Restricting Internet access & online content · Africa · Egypt · Nov 2022

The Case of the Egyptian TikTok Influencers (2021)

The Court of Appeals in Cairo acquitted one woman and upheld the conviction of another who had been sentenced to imprisonment for violating “family principles and values upheld by Egyptian society” by posting “indecent” videos and images.

record_voice_over Freedom of expression · local_police Cybercrimes · Africa · Egypt · Nov 2022

Attorney General v N.F. (2018)

The Court of Cassation of Tunis upheld the acquittal of a woman who had been charged with publishing false news threatening public order because her act of deleting the post had neutralised the intent required.

phonelink_lock Digital rights · local_police Cybercrimes · dvr False news, misinformation & propaganda · Africa · Tunisia · Nov 2022