About Us

Media Defence is a non-governmental, international human rights organization established in 2008 to provide legal defence to journalists and independent media around the world who are under threat for their reporting.

Mission: Our core mission is to ensure legal protection of journalists so that they can continue to report on issues of public interest unhindered by legal threats.

Mandate: We work globally, where there is the greatest need, to ensure legal defence and protection of journalists, citizen journalists and media outlets from legal threats related to their journalism that violate the right to freedom of expression, ensuring that they can continue to report on issues of public interest.

Legal Defence

We provide legal help to journalists and independent media across the world

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Strategic Litigation

We take on strategic cases to change unjust laws used against journalists

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Local Capacity-Building

We build local legal capacity to defend journalists through media law training, promoting the exchange of legal information, and by supporting local legal centres defending journalists.

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Media Defence Centres

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We rely on donations and pro bono assistance. Here’s how you can help us and those we support.