Proposals Sought for Media Legal Defence - INDIA

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The Media Legal Defence Initiative (MLDI) is accepting proposals from organisations and groups to provide legal assistance to independent media, journalists and bloggers in India.  MLDI will consider grants of up to GBP25,000 for a period of one year.

What the Media Legal Defence Initiative supports

The Media Legal Defence Initiative exists to help journalists and media outlets defend their rights. It provides financial assistance to pay legal fees and works with lawyers to ensure that independent journalists under threat receive the best possible legal assistance.

As part of its effort to help build a strong global architecture of legal support for independent media and journalism, MLDI makes grants to support organisations and projects that deliver legal support to journalists. Currently, MLDI funds organisations based in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Central Europe and Africa.

Through this grant competition, MLDI seeks better to support legal assistance efforts for independent media and journalists in India. MLDI will consider proposals to pursue one or both of the following activities:

  • Provide legal assistance to journalists or media outlets who face legal proceedings because of their work;
  • Engage in strategic litigation to bring local law and practice in media cases in line with international standards on freedom of expression.

Priority will be given to proposals that respond to a demonstrated need on the ground and are likely to have a high impact on protecting media freedom.

MLDI invites concept notes of no more than two pages, to be submitted by June 23. Applications can be submitted through our website, at

Please contact us at using the reference “June 2014 call for proposals” if you have any questions.