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    Module 1: General Overview of Trends in Digital Rights Globally

    Recent years have seen unprecedented online development, exposing emerging opportunities and threats. It is likely that the coming years will pose many of the same risks and opportunities for human rights, with new complexities related to the regulation of the online sphere arising that both enable and threaten freedom of expression and access to information.

    In future, it is hoped that digital divides will decrease with improved access and increased efforts towards digital literacy. Threats to privacy are likely to magnify in quantity and intensity as the scale of datafication continues to increase and AI use proliferates. Freedom of expression will remain in a precarious position with misguided attempts to address legitimate concerns. There is a pressing need now, more than ever, to develop powerful advocacy strategies, establish impactful jurisprudence, and to equip people with the necessary knowledge and skills to be empowered to advocate for their rights. New technologies are consistently emerging and giving rise to new opportunities and threats. Important steps are being taken every day by ordinary people, digital rights activists, the international community, courts, and some states to ensure that the Internet remains a source of agency and development and that it becomes a safe space for all users to reach their full potential.

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