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    Advanced Modules on Digital Rights and Freedom of Expression Online

    A series of six modules for lawyers litigating digital rights cases in East, West and Southern Africa.

    Freedom of Speech Includes The Press

    Digital rights have become indispensable for people around the world to exercise and enjoy their fundamental rights. Independent media is increasingly moving online – from established newspapers and television channels to bloggers and human rights activists with large social media followings. However, this has been accompanied by an increase in states and other actors seeking to encroach on these rights.

    The Advanced Modules on Digital Rights and Freedom of Expression Online are a series of six modules designed to assist lawyers representing journalists, bloggers and other online media in East, West and Southern Africa. The modules have been developed as part of Media Defence’s Digital Rights Advocates Project and include emerging trends in digital rights as well as tools and advice on litigating cases at the national and regional levels. They are designed to build on the series of manuals on freedom of expression and litigating digital rights cases available here.

    In this publication, you will find the following modules:

    • Module 1 –  General overview of trends in digital rights globally
    • Module 2 – Restricting access and content
    • Module 3 – Criminalisation of online speech
    • Module 4 – Privacy and security online
    • Module 5 – Trends in censorship by private actors
    • Module 6 – Litigating Digital Rights in Africa 

    The modules are provided under a creative commons license and are therefore free to share and adapt with appropriate credit.